Argh:So, not much stuff is bugging me right now. EXCEPT I got a C in math. I never get C's. I always get A's. OH, and yeah...almost everyone in my class got them too. AND, my math teacher is bad at teaching, and even my mom sees that. He eats this giganto bad of fried chicken for lunch and is still eating when we come back. Gosh, I have bad teachers. Music:I have "Jordan Cahill" songs from my Stuck in the Suburbs soundtrack on my iPod now! I love them, lol! Book: The Miracle of Water. It's one of my mom's books, and it rocks. *************,I'm watching some new Disney shows with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in them. That's cool. Oh, and did anyone notice Hannah has a LOT of guest stars? Her dad can get people on the show, so I guess that's why! SB Quote:"Squidward: Let me get this straight. You two ordered a giant-screen television just so you could play in the box?

Spongebob: Pretty smart, huh?

Patrick: I thought it wouldn't work." ~~<3