80's workout/retro day has scarred me for life....

I saw wayyyyy too many things that I didn't want to today. I am SO glad that that period in time is over. Spandex booty shorts just should have never been invented. ever. I'm serious here...especially for boys...this is when we should all try to block that mental picture from our heads and shudder.

Does your school have spirit week? Does it suck as bad as ours? Dress codes just shouldn't clash with spirit week...ya know? What were they thinking?

Then there was that whole hall decorating gone wrong thing. It involved freshman against seniors attacking eachother's halls. It wasn't pretty. It's happening all over tomorrow cuz they re-decorated. Again, what were they thinking?

It would be so much simpler if I ruled the world. Haha I actually say that outloud alot. My dad just laughs and agrees.

Tomorrow is nerd day...no kidding...I'm gonna wear my glasses...I wish we had suspenders...my dad has a pocket protector...no kidding...he doesn't use it...thank goodness. If he did, I would probably try to run away from him at every chance I got.

My dad is a pretty big nerd though. He entertains me with random trivia...turned into song. Its lovely.

I'm reading the lovely bones. I love it. It's amazing. Scary-ish but amazing. You should read it.

I have to start making my birthday list. So far I have:

1. Phineas and Ferb DVDs

2. A Rocket To The Moon CD. (Pre-ordered because it comes out the day after my birthday.)

3. Uhhhh...iTunes giftcard (I promise to you I won't get this one cuz no one ever gets me them rotfl)

thats all I have...

thats just great

I'm gonna go read The Lovely Bones now...:D