I WON!!!!!!...

I won a contest and you will see my name! Okay, so at my book fair last year I entered a contest and I won! It was a sticker design contest, so it's a bumper sticker. When a book fair comes to your school, look to find a sticker that say's, "My Math Book Has Problems" and when you find it come home and tell me. My name should be on the back and OOOOOOOH! I get 100 copies of it in December! AWESOME!

Well, today is the day 911 happened and I'm feeling kinda down. I know all about it and it's just scary having my mom tell me I was on my way to Pre-School when it happened. *Shudder* At least no one in my family was involved in it. How about your family? If they were I'm sooooooo sorry! I'll pray for them.