Oh my dear darlings, click on this beautiful wonderful fantabulous blog! You know you want to! Put your mouse to the this title ...

Heyy like my title? I hope so! lol. So I really hope you vote for me for Miss Sporty Queen. So when you see that poll, click my name SuperSarahh<3. I will be oh so happy with you. :]

So pretty pretty please! Anyways I just got back from basketball league, I am number 31!Chyeaa. Also I have my first game on wednesday. *hint hint-miss sporty queen, hence basketball is a sport* xD lol and then I have summer strength again tomoro. I actually have it every day except for wednesday, sundays, and saturdays.

And then volleyball tryouts are August 21st! Yeahhhh! I am oh so very excited. And if you make the team you have practice the week b4 school from 9-12 lunch for an hour and then 1-3 so 6 full hours of practice! Fun! Seriously I love volleyball.

Well just remember to vote for me! <3 Sarah