My knight in shining armor turned out to be a **** in aluminum foil :P CLICK HERE... i havnt been on allykatzz since november :P sooo :) lol well i went out with the guy i've liked for years and found out hes not the guy i've always we broke up. but fortunately, during tht awkward relationship, i realized tht one of my best *** ******* had feelings for me tht i didnt see until i started goig out with my "crush"...and i kinda like him too. wow the more i think about it the more this story sounds childish. is tht good or bad?? lol anyway the bad part about all of this is tht hes **** *** **** one of my friends, and anothr one of my friends like him too. im rly sure wat to do:/ leave a comment on ur opinion plz:) on spring break :) i havnt done anything but go to the zoo with my family...but fortunately 2mrw me and my best friend whitney (and my family) are going to **.***** and go shopping:D lol im sooooo excited!!!!!!! hahaha

well im super excited! i have 19days more with my ****** cell phone! on april ** i get to trade in my cell for an upgrade yayy!! haha its kinda weird tht im so excited bout this but enjoy the little

anyway right now im on facebook and ******* at the samee time haha and txtin my **** :) watchin sum scooby doo! lol i luv scooby doo, i used to watch it all the timee.

i g2g(: leave a comment, be my BB, txt mehh (if u have my #) luv yea <3 peace, love, and txtin ************ (aka lakota) o_O