I'm Not Saying They're Mean, But I'm Not Saying They're Nice...

Every school has that big group of boys and girls that are somehow popular. You know the ones that not very many people enjoy or the ones that are popular for being nice. However way they are popular, they just are, and it's totally confusing. Apparently according to Connor, I'm one of 'them' (popular girls) because I'm a girl. I mean just because I'm a girl, doesn't automatically make me a popular.

At some other schools, the kids are popular because they are nice and funny, and at some it's because they 'know' they're popular; at least they think they know they are. It's also because they're all dramatised and "friends".

So my question is...

Why are the popular kids at your school popular?? What do they do to reach that rank??

Sorry, if you were homeschooled, this is sadly not for you. Sorry!