MIRA, chicas, I'm going 2 talk about who rocked the red carpet.... Demi Moore was gorgeous in her dress & awesome heels. Sure, she almost tripped, but her dress Rocked! Miley cleaned up quite well w/ her sparkly strapless gown. She was hunching bcuz her top ALMOST fell down (sigh. Miley needs 2 be careful. she already has somewhat of a bad reputation.) but she pulled it of beautifully with her up-swept hair & neutral makeup. Another well dressed celeb was K Stew! She was stunning in her flamboyant (spelling?!lol) black/dark purple dress...GO KIRSTEN!~ Elizabeth Banks was cutely outfitted in a chiffon- like floor sweeping sparkler. Gr8 Job! Amanda Seyfried was a bombshell in her Red Carpet dress. She looked like a starlet! (she went the Audrey Hepburn route) ;)

Maybe nxt time I'll b on the red carpet?