Member Recognition Program

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Good Citizen

Member has been recognized as a good Yoursphere citizen through the act of spreading kindness.

Internet Safety Smart

Member demonstrated that they know how important it is to be Internet Safety Smart. Member knows it's not smart to share private information like phone numbers, emails, home addresses, or other identifiable information - and they've shared this knowledge with other members.

Yoursphere Writer

Member is a Yoursphere paid writer.


Member took the Anti-Cyberbullying pledge.

Featured Member

Member has been recognized among all other members as a good role model by engaging in positive interaction and leaving thoughtful comments.

Contest Winner

Member has won a contest.

Big Winner

Member has won multiple contests.

Smart Shopper

Member redeemed their Yoursphere credits for free gifts in the Gift Gallery.

Sphere Master

Member-created sphere has been featured.

Video Master

Member shared or created a relevant, fun, and engaging video for others to enjoy.

Dear Know-It-All

Member participated in the Dear Know-It-All event.

Dork Diaries

Member participated in the Dork Diaries event.

Cupcake Diaries

Member participated in the Cupcake Diaries event.

The Humming Room

Member participated in the Humming Room event.

False Princess

Member participated in the False Princess event.

Pool Girls

Member participated in the Pool Girls event.


Member participated in the Saranormal event.